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#TBT .. My nigxa Stunna tol me he was gone sign me for the um-teenth time.. I remember being bucked up, quit my job at Sears n all lat' .. Well, needless to say, that never went thru. Was hurt like a bih, but it's all wavy doe.. God & #ThisThingCalledLife put me on another Journey.
I know nothing last forever No nothing at all Sometimes you don't ever get back up after you fall Everyday'a a gamble, I know you can't win them all But that don't stop the hurt at all. 1time for them fallen soldiers dead or lost at war 2times for my Ganstas who ain't here with us no more 3times for them fathers dying tryna do for their kids #TTCL Dec.11th
#TBT .. Day I signed my deal .. [3 years ago]. Those wrinkle ass pants was one of the very few pair of pants I owned, but da boy made dat shit WERK & went in there & made it do what it does! #ThisThingCalledLife never stop dreaming
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